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Hanke + Seidel GmbH & Co. KG

Waldbadstr. 20-22 - D-33803 Steinhagen
Postfach 12 51 - 33801 Steinhagen


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Steinhagen, April 2006

Since 1948 the Hanke + Seidel group is an experienced and dynamic trade company in the field of chemistry products.

The groups´s headquarter is located in Steinhagen / Westfalia, Germany.

Luftbild Steinhagen

Company grounds from the group´s headquarter.

Eight years after the company`s foundation and intensive growth phase, the first branch located in Borghorst started its work. Only three years later in 1959, a second branch was founded in Menden, close to Dortmund.

Herewith the customer oriented philosophy of Hanke + Seidel was intensified and guaranteed to grant an optimal service for the customers in the German Ruhrgebiet.

In 1994 Hanke + Seidel took charge of Seewald Chemie Unna and of Auqa - Systems Steinhagen in 1997.

The range of goods distributed by Hanke + Seidel is characterized of a permanent adjustment, regarding the rapid shifting hypermarkets.

It is a reflection of the manufacturing industry and is assembled as following:

Altogether Hanke + Seidel supplies more than 3.000 customers. The most important module of the company's philosophy is the consistent orientation on the customer needs, as well as being in time with market- and environmental requirements.

Hanke + Seidel achieve the customer orientation with the help of its regional branches and with warehousing and distribution of its own.

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